Compactor Plate Exero EX 41

Suitable for excavators in range:  10-20 tons

Vibrating force: 4,1 tons

Weight: 380 kgLength: 1040 mm

Width:  610/680 mm

Height: 750 mm

Brackets / Attachments: S45, S50, S60, S70, S1, S2, Oilquick S45, 60, 70.

Min hydr. flow: 45 liters / minute

Max hydr. flow: 250 liters / minute

Max pressure: 210 bar

Machine-mounted compactors simplifies compression in hard to reach places, and increases the safety of compression of ditches / pits, when there is no opleneed for pep to stay in the work area. 

The compactors is excellent for piling, for example, pillars and partitions. 

Slopes are compressed easier with machine-mounted compactors. The compactors can handle high back pressure in the return line, a feature that makes the most suitable for use with rotortilt , tiltrotator or Swingotilt.

Also supplied as standard with OilQuick directly from the factory

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